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Frontline Associates proposes an innovative professional development platform to empower  practitioners from across domains to succeed in high-stakes negotiations. Its activities revolve around facilitating access to best practices, methods and tools to deal with challenging negotiations as well as enhancing interpersonal skills to handle the most difficult relationships.

The unique character of FA's approach lies in its integration of generative AI with  recognised negotiation tools and methods, offering a forward-thinking blend of technology and human expertise. 

Fostering Innovation in Frontline Negotiations

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Using artificial intelligence (AI) to augment the analytical and tactical capabilities of frontline negotiators under time and resources constraints, specifically in:

  • Analysing complex environments with multiple actors and multifaceted issues;

  • Elaborating tactical approaches tailored to specific actors and situations;

  • Crafting mobilisation campaigns to leverage influence; and,

  • Establishing collaborative platforms in the coordination of negotiation teams.


These AI-assisted negotiation tools are designed in close collaboration with researchers and graduate students at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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  • Offering a comprehensive suite of onsite and online courses on frontline negotiations across various domains of activities in close collaboration with internationally-renowned academic institutions.

  • Complementing existing training programs with dedicated professional workshops and exercises on the use of AI in adversarial negotiations; and,

  • Fostering a community of practice around frontline negotiation facilitating the sharing of experiences and community support.

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Expert negotiators stand ready to provide hands-on guidance through difficult or intimidating negotiations. Frontline Associates will help you regain control over the negotiation process and develop cogent strategies to succeed.


Consulting and coaching services are offered on a strictly confidential basis drawing from years of negotiation experiences in the humanitarian and conflict management fields.

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