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Advising on frontline negotiation

Advisory Support for Practitioners Working on the Frontlines

Frontline Associates offers expert support tailored to the needs of practitioners dealing with intricate negotiations.
Working closely with our clients, we strive to equip both individuals and organisations with the ability to navigate demanding negotiation with confidence.
Our focus is on fostering a level of proficiency and assurance that instills trust from all stakeholders and promotes a professional approach to complex negotiations. We offer both consultative support during ongoing negotiation, as well as personal coaching services to enhance the capacity and skills of individual negotiators.
Supporting frontline engotiations

1) Consultative Support in Ongoing Negotiations

Drawing from the tools and methods presented in the Educational Program, our team of expert negotiators offers guidance through ongoing negotiation processes and assists in establishing robust information and management systems capable of handling the most complex and high-stake engagements.  We provide vital support for negotiation teams, especially during crises or high-pressure situations, offering a strictly confidential space to strategise, review tactical options, consider potential risks, and enhance collaboration.
Frontline Associates is equipped to support negotiation teams through every stages of complex or high-stake negotiations, delivering impartial analysis and actionable recommendations. We also offer technical assistance in adopting AI-assisted frameworks and tools, enhancing teams' abilities to navigate and succeed in dynamic and multifaceted negotiation landscapes.
Please contact us for a free assessment of your needs.
Supporting frontline practitioners

2) Coaching Services for Practitioners

Frontline Associates offer personal and confidential coaching services tailored to the needs and demands of practitioners working on the frontlines, focusing on the acquisition of new skills and effective pressure management. Our coaches guide negotiators through dealing with their most challenging profession, aid in career planning, and help in identifying new opportunities.

We're committed to nurturing critical thinking and resilience, empowering negotiators to believe in their own abilities and excel in their roles. Our coaching approach is designed to instill confidence, ensuring that negotiators are prepared to face the most complex situations with robust strategies and a resilient mindset.

Please contact us to fix a first free session to discuss your goals.

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