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Empowering Your Negotiations with Artificial Intelligence

2024 Summer Program

You are invited to join a vibrant community of negotiation practitioners in a summer journey that demystifies the power of AI in negotiation. With a focus on practical application, our Program will equip you with AI tools to engage in high-stakes negotiation.  Now is the time to engage with AI and shape the future of your negotiation!

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Immerse yourself in a groundbreaking experience
that will nurture your negotiation skills and position you to analyze the most complex environments, decode parties' intricate motives, and harness networks of influence.

By investing in your AI-enhanced negotiation toolkit tailored to your domain and needs, you will be able to plan and reflect on your negotiation strategies, complemented with your own AI advisory support and simulation capabilities.

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Choose from live and recorded learning sessions covering multiple domains.

The AI tools are the result of a partnership with researchers and students at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) bringing the latest in GPT prompting and customization, engineered specifically to respond to the demands of negotiators, mediators and facilitators.

Exploring AI tools
  • Conflict Management

  • Crisis Negotiation

  • Patient-doctor negotiation

  • Irregular Migration

  • Humanitarian Access

  • And more

Across key  domains

Each domain features insights from an expert negotiator, providing you with an exclusive window into the application of AI in high-stakes negotiation scenarios.

Presented by leading negotiation experts

Working with peers, you will design your own AI assistant to negotiate in complex environments  complemented with AI coaching and simulation capabilities.

Engaging actively with peers

Diverse Professional Domains, One Accessible
AI Technology developed at Harvard University

The Summer Program will run from July 1 to September 28, 2024. Spaces are limited.

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Our team features renowned frontline negotiation specialists and AI  researchers who bring a wealth of practical and academic insight, all committed to accompanying you in this inspiring journey.

Summer Program Team

Claude Bruderlein

Claude Bruderlein has been teaching crisis negotiation at Harvard University since 1998. He conducted frontline negotiations  with the ICRC and the UN for over two decades. He was the former adviser to the ICRC President, and founded the Centre of Competence in Humanitarian Negotiation (CCHN).

Dariha Erketaeva

Dariha Erketaeva is an experienced humanitarian professional and a negotiation specialist.  She has engaged humanitarian practitioners in peer workshops and labs, in the development of a community of practice. 

Linn Bieske

Linn Bieske is an interdisciplinary expert in machine learning, cybersecurity, and public policy. She has years of experience working for McKinsey Digital & Analytics, for Google X, and in the Executive Office of the UN Secretary General. 

Organized in collaboration with:

1. Online Modules on the Planning of Crisis Negotiation:


Leveraging over a decade of negotiation research and teaching at Harvard University, this Program delivers ten short, impactful video instructions and quizzes. Participants will gain practical training in negotiation planning for challenging environments, analyzing complex situations, and understanding the interests of various parties to find common ground. At the completion of the ten modules, participants will receive a certification of completion delivered by Frontline Associates.

Learning modules will cover:


- Context Analysis

- Position Analysis

- Tactical Planning

- Mapping of Stakeholders

- Leveraging influence

- Identifying priorities and objectives

- Design of Scenarios

- Implementing agreements

- Risk Management among others.

2. AI Assistant Design in Negotiation:

The program also includes three focused cycles of activities to train participants in creating their own AI Assistant to support negotiation planning. These cycles will delve into sorting complex environments, thoroughly analyzing the interests and motives of multiple parties and stakeholders, and offering proactive engagement strategies for difficult negotiations. Each cycle will address a critical negotiation domain: crisis negotiation, humanitarian access negotiation, and migration negotiation.

Each cycle will encompass three main activities:

a. Presentation by a Negotiation Expert: The cycle begins with an experienced negotiator presenting a case, sharing valuable insights and strategies specific to the domain in focus.

b. Peer Discussion on Challenges and Dilemmas: Following the presentation, participants will engage in discussions to address the unique challenges and dilemmas of the domain, fostering a deeper understanding and exchange of ideas.

c. AI Negotiation Labs: In the second week, participants will utilize insights from expert presentations and peer discussions to design and implement their own AI Assistant. These labs will focus on analyzing negotiation contexts, assessing the interests of involved parties, and exploring strategies to mobilize influence within stakeholders' networks.

This structured approach ensures that each cycle is both informative and interactive, allowing participants to apply their learnings in complex negotiation and AI usage in real-time. 

Program Activities

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