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Young professional training on difficult negotiation

Educational Program

Empowering professionals confronted by social, political or ideological divisions to engage proactively in difficult negotiations, leveraging positive influences and opening spaces of dialogue on innovative solutions.
Capacity to connect
  • Analyze complex political and social environments in times of crisis;

  • Facilitate a positive dialogue on high-stake issues;

  • Navigate difficult relationships and perform under pressure;

  • Leverage personal skills with intimidating parties; and,

  • Draw from the experience of other practitioners in the planning of complex negotiation.

Enhancing the capacity to:

Island of Agreements
De-escalate tension diagram
Iceberg of position, interests and motives

Using Practical Tools to Plan Your Engagement

Regaining control over a challenging negotiation by planning each step in a systematic manner:
  • Capturing all relevant information;
  • Analysing the interest and motives of parties;
  • Situating potential compromises;
  • Comparing notes with colleagues.
Using Ai in negotiation

Introducing AI-Assisted Simulation Exercises

In collaboration with researchers at Harvard University and MIT, Frontline Associates  proposes simulation exercises powered by artificial intelligence to assist negotiators in their training and planning efforts at the individual and team levels.
Incorporating Frontline Negotiators' Experience and Insights
Produce Practical Suggestions for Maneuvering Complex Negotiations
Improving Frontline Negotiation Planning Through Team Deliberation.
Green dot
Green dot
Green dot
Building a community of practice
  • To facilitate the exchange insights and good practices;

  • Enable practitioners to share experiences and offer mutual support;

  • Contribute to the development of robust and field-tested negotiation tools and methods; and,

  • Provide a framework of reference in frontline negotiation.

Fostering a Community of Practice 

Guidebook to build a community of practice
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Background students
Graduate Programs Courses:

January 2024: Frontline Negotiation Lab, Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), Harvard Kennedy School of Government (HKS), Boston (onsite)

March-April 2024: Conducting Negotiations on the Frontlines; HSPH & HKS, Boston (onsite)

June 2024: Cross-Cultural Awareness and Mediation, Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg (online)

2024 Catalog of AI-assisted Negotiation Courses

Professional Development Worlshops:

February 2024: Negotiating for Climate Action:
Practitioner Workshops, in partnership with the Institute for Global Negotiation, Zurich (online)

May 2024: Negotiating with Artificial Intelligence, Graduate Institute, Geneva (onsite)

June 2024: Essentials of Frontline Negotiations, Geneva Center of Humanitarian Studies (online)

July 2024: Engaging in Frontline Negotiations, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (online)

Fall 2024: Practical exercises on frontline negotiations (AI-assisted program - tbc) (online)


Fall 2024: Advanced Workshop on Complex Negotiation, Geneva Center of Humanitarian Studies (tbc), (onsite)

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