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Empowering Your Negotiations with Artificial Intelligence

Summer Program
1 July - 28 September 2024 

A three-month intensive track, from July 1 to September 28, 2024. Participants may join the Summer Program at any point until the end of September through a flexible low-cost subscription.


Hands-on AI technology training for frontline negotiators, mediators and facilitators, including creating your own AI assistant for negotiation.


Engage with our online platform and resources over the summer period with several dates and times that fit your schedule.

Flexible Learning

Weekly practical exercises to refine analysis and planning for complex negotiations in your domain. 

Specialised cycles will cover  a new domain of complex engagements every month.

Tools & Assignments

All participants that have successfully completed the elaboration of their GPTs will receive a Frontline Associates Certificate in AI in Negotiation at the end of the Summer Program.

 Global Certification

Networking with peers and one-on-one engagement with negotiation experts. An opportunity to join a global community of practice in AI in negotiation.

Peer Exchanges

Key Information about the Summer Program:

The Summer Program can be accessed with a low-cost monthly subscription of USD 80 to the FA learning platform via Thinkific, covering a activities from July 1 to September 28, 2024.


This subscription grants access to all online activities within the Summer Program​​, including:


  • Welcome and orientation sessions.

  • Several cycles of AI development and customization for specific domains of negotiation, including speaker series, peer group discussions, AI labs to craft one’s own GPT. (A total of 5 – 6 hours of live online sessions per cycle)

  • Tutorials and exercises on the planning of complex negotiation informed by professional courses at Harvard University. (Recorded sessions)

  • Introductory sessions on artificial intelligence in negotiation by an AI specialist. (Several live and recorded sessions)

  • A complete set of standard prompts to analyze complex environments, understand the position of opposed party and leverage influence.

  • A 30-minute mentoring support session with an experienced negotiator or AI specialist.

Summer Program Membership Fee

Working together in building our GPT
  • Professionals with negotiation, mediation or facilitation experience;

  • ​Graduate students with previous work experience in a related domain;

  • With access to OpenAI GPT-4 (not included in the Program fee). Participants should check about their access in their country of residence before registering.

Who is this program for?

Lady triggering the power of AI
 Apply now to explore how AI
can assist in your negotiation

Spaces are limited.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Successful applicants will receive a link to register to the Summer Program Platform and select their sessions pending the completion of the registration process. Cancelation policy: Registered participants may cancel their registration at no cost up to 72 hours before the start of the Summer Program on July 1, 2024.

The Summer Program is organized by the Frontline Associates Training Center inc.
Please note while Harvard research and teaching have informed the development of its material and AI tools,
the Summer Program is not endorsed or sponsored by Harvard University.

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